Thomas Neyhart: Power Your Home with Posigen

Posigen is a solar energy company led by Thomas Neyhart. The company uses solar energy to generate electric power integral in saving many lives and saving on cost. Since the establishment of the solar energy company, it has managed to grow, having over 18,000 clients and still enrolling more. 


Several advantages come with getting products and services from Posigen: no installation fee, free full-time monitoring, and no charges for maintenance. From reviews from customers, it’s clear that customers save their money because of the free home efficiency improvements. With these, Thomas Neyhart asks, why not power up with Posigen! The company was established primarily to offer solar power to people of all calibers, the rich and poor, helping them save on costs and minimize expenses. 


Homeowners are provided with an opportunity to decide on controlling their energy costs and how to utilize energy. You will also enjoy fixed monthly payments, low monthly costs, and life monitoring & maintenance. The solar company has a team of experts with what it takes to ensure the entire installation process is a success (Apnnews). 

Installation entails design & engineering, permits & approvals, installation, inspection, and activation. If your home lacks a solar power generator, you will be provided with a one-directional kilowatt meter useful for measuring your monthly energy consumption in kilowatts. But, homeowners with solar panels are used to power their home and provide you with the energy needed. Thomas Neyhart finally adds that the firm prefers leasing to purchase because there is no minimum credit requirement; installation is included; you enjoy maintenance & system monitoring services, easy monthly payments, and it’s energy-efficient.