Marwan Kheireddine

AM Bank’s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer is Marwan Salim Kheireddine, a large commercial bank situated in Lebanon. He served in the Lebanese government as a Minister of State from July 2011 to February 2014. During his administration, he was involved in various economic, financial, and fiscal concerns. He was uniquely positioned to collect support for policies that would safeguard […]

Major investment Successes of Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie has had major business successes since he founded C&C Alpha Aviation Group, a family business. He has invested in agriculture, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and aviation. Bhanu Choudhrie attributes his success to everyone doing their due diligence. He has invested in a great team of professionals who help him analyze the business side of each investment they want […]

Eric Lefkofsky´s Career

In 2015 Chicago native Eric Lefkofsky founded an innovative healthcare-based data research company that prepares molecular genetic testing services called Tempus Labs. They form a global eCommerce marketplace that takes an early lead in making technology available in business by taking an early lead in the investments. Eric Lefkofsky states that they have taken the industry by predicting business analytics. […]

Bhanu Choudhrie History and Current Business Approach

Both the 19th and 20th centuries had phases of downturns and developments. However, their modern legacy is based on the establishment of industrial technology. Towards the end of the 20th century, computers became a standard device. This advancement was a great move in promoting innovation as manufacturers could engage in mass production. Many companies competed to see which could develop […]