An interview with Chad Price on Mako Medical

Mako Medical is a startup that deals with laboratory testing and pharmacy services. Chad Price is the CEO of the healthcare center. He was interviewed on how Mako Medical has been operating. According to Chad, the health care center has been offering services for over five years. They have won several awards for being innovative, growth and hiring Military veterans. Moreover, Mako has been working on non-profit projects and supporting Christian missionaries.

Chad and his colleagues have ensured that more people choose Mako Medical over other medical service providers. They provide excellent customer care services to make sure that patients are satisfied. The team has also developed new technology and innovative processes to change how the services are offered.

The team provides services such as insurance brokers and self-funded groups on the pharmacy side. Moreover, they ensure patients get benefits such as employer groups, hospitals, and medical practices on the lab side.

Several challenges affect the business, but Chad Price has tried to overcome them. Lack of capital is one of the problems the healthcare sector has struggled with. Despite introducing more products and services, cash flow has remained a challenge. Moreover, chad price mako medical is always the choice for healthcare services.

Chad plans to expand the services to the rural areas so that those living in remote areas can access the services. With time they will launch a new subscription model that will allow more than 3000 families access to free medical care. The decision will benefit those families who cannot afford the services.

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