Frances Townsend is the Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs

Frances Townsend is the Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer of Activision Blizzard, Inc. She has been active in the video gaming industry since 1998 and has held various positions with Activision, including Director of Corporate Relations and Deputy General Counsel. Frances Townsend is an advisor to the United States Cyber Command/U.S. Strategic Command […]

Mark Hauser Advice to Stock Market Investors

Mark Hauser offers guidance and advice for Stock Investors. With his wealth of investing experience, he has an uncanny ability to stay ahead of the market. This post is full of investment strategies and guidance for novice investors, also sage advice for those experienced in the market. It also includes a few stock recommendations that you can use to make […]

An interview with Chad Price on Mako Medical

Mako Medical is a startup that deals with laboratory testing and pharmacy services. Chad Price is the CEO of the healthcare center. He was interviewed on how Mako Medical has been operating. According to Chad, the health care center has been offering services for over five years. They have won several awards for being innovative, growth and hiring Military veterans. […]