Why Larry Baer SF Giants CEO Wants To Operate Using Flexible Business Techniques

In most cases, the majority of the people who have been given some leadership positions tend to be rigid in their operations and leadership techniques. This means that they are overly enthusiastic about their leadership strategies, and they are not willing to welcome other operational ideas that can generally change how they have been working in the market. Others are not open to the management tips that they are getting from other employees in the organization.

However, as the SF Giants CEO, Larry Baer has a perception that he does not have the authority to operate using a rigid strategy. In his view, as a leader, it is necessary for him to have some flexible business techniques that will help him to incorporate some of the best and modern operational ideas that other organizations have been ignoring. He does not want to be just like any other company that is not aware of the best techniques to use in the market.

The SF Giants CEO is aware that many business leaders have never demonstrated that they are willing to incorporate some essential changes in their business activities. Such individuals are actively working on some rigid techniques in their companies. Unfortunately, it is essential to communicate that such individuals have always found it challenging to access the results their companies have been planning to secure from the entire business environment.

The Giants CEO does not want to expose San Francisco Giants to an operational situation where the company is not getting the necessary financial returns. That is why he has been actively looking for new business strategies that are generally flexible and willing to welcome new operational ideas.

The Giants CEO believes that every other open leader in the market has some unique ways of operating in the entire industry. They already understand the best ways to keep their organizations successful.

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