The SF Giants And Larry Baer: CEO Of The SF Giants

Larry Baer is the CEO of the San Francisco Giants. He has been with the team since 1991, and took over as President in 1993. With his leadership, he led the team to three World Series wins (2010, 2012, 2014). His expertise in marketing and business lead him to be named Sports Executive of the Year by Sports Business Journal in 2006. Larry Baer also served on the board for MLB from 1999-2014.

With all his experience and success, it’s no wonder that Larry was chosen to be the keynote speaker at the recent SportAccord Convention. The SportAccord Convention is an annual event that brings together leaders from the global sports community. This year’s theme was “The Future of Sport”, and Larry spoke about it at length. The Giants CEO covered topics of leadership, innovation, technology, diversity and inclusion.

Larry Baer’s main message was that the future is unpredictable, but there are some elements that will remain constant in any sport. One example the San Francisco Giants CEO cited was how difficult it is to predict new spectator sports – which is why you don’t see any major sports networks investing in e-sports. However, what is important is that the fundamental things that make sport enjoyable will always be there. These include competition, teamwork, fair play and the human spirit.

The SF Giants CEO also touched on some of the challenges that face the industry today. One such challenge is the rise of nationalism. While nationalism encourages the development of local leagues and teams, it also makes international cooperation incredibly difficult. Another challenge is how to handle doping, a problem that still hasn’t been solved despite decades of work.

Larry Baer the SF Giants CEO went on to talk about what kinds of people would be instrumental in a successful future sport industry. He described the ideal leader as someone with a “global mindset”, who can see the big picture and work collaboratively with others. They also need to be able to embrace change and be comfortable with risk. As technology continues to evolve, the ideal sport leader will also need to be familiar with new platforms and media. Refer to this page, for additional information


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