Sparkasse Bank Malta Opens Ireland Branch

The bank is headquartered in Sliema, Malta. It provides private banking, investment services, and custody and depository services. The bank has over EUR3 trillion in assets under management. The bank’s CEO, Paul Mifsud, was appointed in 2007 and has over 15 years of experience in the Irish depositary sector. His career has included work at State Street and Morgan Stanley, and he aims to further grow the bank’s business in Malta and beyond.

The Malta Financial Services Authority has licensed Sparkasse Bank Malta plc as a credit institution, investment firm, and depository. In Ireland, it is authorized to act as a depository to authorized investment funds. The bank is a technologically advanced financial institution with a progressive approach. Through automation, the bank has enhanced efficiency and reduced the workload on its employees. Its goal is to continue to serve its customers and keep growing. Connect on facebook to see more of their posts.

The bank currently manages over EUR4.5 billion in assets and employs over 100 people. Its ambitious growth strategy has been fueled by investments in IT infrastructure and human resources. The bank has also implemented a technologically innovative approach to increase efficiency. Automating the depository functions is one of the ways Sparkasse has stayed at the forefront of financial services. With such advanced technology, the bank can remain competitive while providing high-quality service to its clients.

While Sparkasse Bank Malta is successful in Malta, the bank is now planning to replicate its success in Ireland. The country is home to EUR2.4 trillion in assets and funds under administration. The new company will target the smaller end of the depositary services market. It plans to hire as many as six people, and may eventually expand its staff to 60. So far, it’s a good start. Its next step will be to expand its operations in Ireland.

Aside from Malta, Sparkasse Bank Malta has also opened a branch in Dublin, Ireland. This allows the bank to expand its services to other European markets. As a result of this, the bank is set to offer a wider range of services to its clients, including custody. They also have a range of depositary services for Irish investors. If you are looking for a bank to handle your money, then Sparkasse Bank Malta might be the best choice.

The bank has grown rapidly in recent years. Its revenues have doubled from €4 million in 2013 to EUR4.5 billion in 2014. Its profitability grew by 32% in the first half of the year, and the bank has plans to expand its operations in Ireland shortly. This growth is expected to benefit both the company’s local operations and its global network of offices. The firm’s success is a reflection of its commitment to delivering value to its customers.