Our New Cloud Inventory Products will Give Users Complete Control, DSI Announces

Data Systems International, a leading mobile-first cloud inventory company with its headquarters in Kansas City has announced its latest version of the Cloud Inventory product. Thanks to the new product that was announced in April 2020, entrepreneurs, distributors and manufacturers will now enjoy unlimited power over the various cloud management services.

Speaking during the launch of the latest Cloud Inventory product, Mark Goode, DSI CEO and President said that the product is a milestone during the pandemic period. “The future warehouse and manufacturing do not have walls. Using our Cloud Inventory’s product that has been given a new facelift is all manufacturers and those in the distribution chain need,” said the CEO.

According to DSI, which has its base in Kansas City, Cloud Inventory is the solution to all inventory problems companies have been facing for years. The company further says that it is now easier for users to know the location, state, and all authentic information on the various inventories in real time. What is more, now clients are not only able to know about processed goods but also everything there is to know about raw materials as well as during the processing of various goods.

Apart from Cloud Inventory’s management services, which is the primary service, DSI offers insights on dashboards that make it easy to monitor the various stages of the product within the supply chain. Besides, CFI offers easy configuration starting with low-code, flow chart, and no-code among other elements.

A company that uses DSI’s Cloud Inventory’s software saves a lot because it would not be necessary to hire programmers or app developers who have proved to be expensive to maintain in recent days. DSI has been in operation for over 40 years with its headquarters in Kansas City. Hitherto, the CFI and field inventory company has over 3000 customers spread all over the world. Refer to this article to read some great reviews about them.


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