Miki Agrawal On The Challenges And Triumphs Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It’s hard work, and it takes guts. You must be willing to fail repeatedly and publicly. But, if you have a good idea and persevere, the rewards can be huge.

In this article, we discuss the challenges and triumphs Miki Agrawal had in starting a business.

How Did She Get Into Business?

Agrawal is an entrepreneur born in Manhattan and subsequently moved to her mother’s hometown of Westport, Connecticut. She attended the Lawrenceville School, an elite prep school that only admits boys.

Here, she first dabbled into entrepreneurship by having classmates pay her 25 cents for cleaning their shoes. Miki has spent the rest of her life building businesses around this concept of trading work for goods. She is passionate about solving everyday problems with her business models.


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Her newest venture, Tushy Diapers, seeks to make the potty training process easier for consumers through innovative products and efficient delivery systems.

How Has Miki Agrawal Accomplished Her Business Goals?

Agrawal reevaluated her priorities and felt she needed to do something to impact the world positively. Also, she came up with three crucial goals. In a couple of years, Miki Agrawal had accomplished each one of them.

First, she played expert football for the New York Magic. After getting injured twice, she quit and went to video production. Agrawal had no experience in cooking. So, she established a restaurant in New York City in 2005.

The restaurant continues to flourish as it’s under a business partner’s management. Miki Agrawal gets satisfied when he talks to gluten-allergic clients who relish eating a hearty pizza at the eatery.

The third goal was to establish a commercial enterprise, Thinx. She started it alongside two partners. Thinx manufactures underwear for women. They’re designed to be used when a woman has periods. The firm has launched other related merchandise since then.