Joseph Ashford Ellis, Founder of K4 Global Consulting

In January, 2014 Joseph Ashford founded the K4 Global Consulting Firm in London, England. His ability to give helpful, positive advice to top businessmen and women has far surpassed their expectations. Mr. Ashford says the future of marketing trends places a special emphasis, not so much on products and services, but on who they are as a business. Joseph Ashford says today’s trends are based on convenience and positive, respectable relationships with the consumer. He thinks that marketing trends come and go but this one may be here to stay. It highlights the personalized shopping experience for the consumer, making them feel that they feel important. It is about helping the consumer have a positive shopping experience.

As a trusted consultant, Joseph Ashford offers solid advice to entrepreneurs to not only set goals for their business but also focus on a solid strategy to reach those goals. He says to focus not only on the product and services that they offer, but on convenience as well this year, for convenience has taken a front row seat.


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Building a respectable business is vital to reaching an entrepreneur’s goals, as well as the forming of positive one-on-one relationships. Being socially responsible works according to Joseph Ashford.

K4 Global opened in London in January 2014 with Joseph Ashford as its founder. He is the non-executive chairman and founder of this London-based company. According to CEO Spotlight, Mr. Ashford is also the founder of the Butterfly Foundation, a charity that raises awareness and funds for children with EB, a rare skin disease. Epidermolysis bullosa is a skin disorder that causes the skin to be extremely fragile.