Information on Zilch cashback rewards program

A blog post from Zilch summarizes how people can earn cashback by shopping for tech products with the provider. Zilch is recognized as a buy now pay later provider which means people can pay for their balance over 4 payments spread out over 6 weeks. The provider also has their own MasterCard that has 0% APR and gives customers 2% cashback in rewards for every item that is fully paid off. For every full purchase that a customer makes through the buy now pay later program, rewards accumulate that can be used on future purchases. The process is said to be simple and can be used to reduce the cost of future purchases.

According to the specific blog post, customers can use the Zilch card to earn cashback on tech items such as TVs, smart speakers, or wireless earbuds. There are a variety of TVs people can choose to buy and the provider can help people pay for one through their payment plans. People can use cashback rewards to get new earbuds or a new smart speaker. In conclusion, Zilch, the brand known for its buy now pay later slogan, can help people get what they want through their cash rewards that can be earned through purchases. The company has partnered with thousands of retailers and offers a 0% APR rate, whether people are shopping in-person or online. Customers can choose to pay for an item upfront but the brand is known for its affordable payment structure with payments spread over several weeks.

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