Essentials of Good Customer Experience with CEO Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona certainly cuts so many renowned fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Aside from being into fitness, he owns a company known as Bio Ritmo. The company has over 480 gyms and made a profit of R$1B in 2017. The firm first came into being in 1996 when Edgard Corona started his fitness chain. At the time of the company’s making, Corona was clueless about what goes on in the fitness industry.

In a recent interview with Alura, Edgard Corona explained how he became so successful as CEO. As a fitness enthusiast and the Smart Fit boss, he mentioned that customers needed to be motivated. He explained that motivated customers remain happy and return for more services.

Edgard mentioned that Smart Fit and Bio Ritmo were not just successful. He ensured that the routines given to customers who attended were diverse. As most people are looking to get fit, having an excellent dedicated trainer is essential. Edgard ensures that this happens in all of his fitness organizations. His trainers are not just dedicated to helping his customers but also experts.

In addition to the excellent services offered to the customers, Edgard also explained the importance of a facility’s location. Customers need to access a facility quickly. Customers can get all the services they require from one gym without necessarily hopping from one gym to another.

Smart Fit, one of Edgard’s companies, offers its customers a wide range of services. He has also implemented great quality control strategies that ensure services operate seamlessly. Quality services are one way to keep a business growing.

Edgard hopes that his gym facilities can be closer to his customers in the future, making it easy for customers in dire need of a fitness facility to access. He also has an idea of having facilities in Spanish that will cater to most Brazilians to know more click here.