Citizen App: Revolutionizing Safety In The Digital Age

Citizen app isn’t just a voice-enabled, location-based emergency alert service, though. It allows users to upload photos and video to document their safety, while also sharing their location to other users. Citizen has also created a real-time map with all the locations being updated in real-time, making it an invaluable tool to both emergency officials and the general public. Citizen has plans to expand into social media, and enable users to broadcast live video via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The app was created to fight mass shootings and other potentially deadly incidents. How Citizen works is really simple. While it may be sad and frightening to imagine, if you have a loved one or friend who’s been in an emergency situation, it’s good to know that there is someone there to answer the phone call. Citizen can notify your emergency contacts, such as family members, friends, co-workers, emergency workers, and even the police, of where you are and what’s happening. Citizen App also sends an alert to your emergency contacts, so they can get in contact with you.

With Citizen App, users can customize what they want to get notified about. When they open the app, it asks for their location and identifies their profile. From there, you can decide whether you want to receive alerts for the type of emergency or for a specific person or place. If you’re not willing to receive an alert for every incident that happens in your area, you can select ‘extreme’ settings, which alert you if anything has happened.

The alert system is professionally monitored and is immediately triggered when events in the area are confirmed by local first responders. An estimated 80% of crime happens indoors. Most people don’t like to walk around in their own neighborhood, let alone walk-through public areas where crime may be taking place. Citizen app monitors what happens in the surrounding area of your smartphone. It can also alert you to what is happening in your neighborhood based on historical, geographic, and weather data. It’s community-powered and results-focused. Your safety is always the priority. See this article for additional information


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