Changes introduced by Bobby Kotick at Activision Blizzard

The Activision Blizzard publicity took a negative turn until Bobby Kotick decided to act. The company was receiving a high number of lawsuits related to unfair workplace practices. Several lawsuits were affecting the operation of the company. To deal with the several lawsuits, they decided to come up with measures to stop the widespread cases of harassment at the company. Some of the measures Bobby Kotick has taken at Activision Blizzard include.

Improve on pay equity

Some employees complain of unfair treatment when it comes to top pay equality. The company CEO has promised to develop different measures to ensure there is equity in their pay. They aim at coming up with measures to avoid any form of discrimination that can touch on gender or any other base that can make people feel discriminated upon. They aim at making all employees feel their efforts are appreciated at the company.

Get feedback from employees

To understand what people feel about the services offered, they intend to get feedback from employees. Bobby Kotick will then work with his team to assess the feedback and develop a strategy to address the issues. The different steps he will take will improve the image of Activision Blizzard in public. He even promised to take a pay cut and work on the measures until the company’s issues were solved.

Zero-tolerance policy

They also aim to introduce a zero-tolerance policy where employees who will be exposed to any form of harassment will get their cases investigated, then strict action taken against those caught violating the law by engaging in unlawful acts where they tend to make their fellow employees suffer. The steps the company will take will contribute towards making them deal with a wide range of issues that have been affecting the company to the extent of risking their reputation.

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