Buy Now, Pay Later: Zilch

Zilch is a company that offers buy now, pay later for food. Zilch purchases and delivers your groceries to you, and then they deduct the cost of the groceries from your bank account monthly. The app helps people who don’t have enough money available at one time to finance their grocery purchases. Zilch also provides other services, including Payl8r, which allows you to work off your balance instead of paying it in cash or on credit cards. Zilch has found success with its business model because often, people are reluctant to spend more than what is in their bank account. This may be due to financial reasons such as not being able to afford bills if they get paid late or receiving an unexpected invoice before payday comes around.

How It Works

It works by purchasing items for customers based on their current needs. Once purchased, the customer will receive a text message informing them when their order will be delivered. Customers can pick up their orders at any location within the delivery area. If no one is home, the delivery person will leave a card with instructions on picking up the order.

The customer must authorize the amount they owe using their debit card or credit card. This authorization process takes place through a secure website called After confirming the payment, the customer receives a confirmation email stating that the transaction was successful.

Once the order is picked up, the customer receives another text message confirming the order was received. The customer will be notified when their next payment is due via text message. At this point, the customer can either make the payment online or over the phone. Charges made online take about 5 minutes. Payments made over the phone may take longer depending on the service provider.

Once the payment is processed, the customer will receive another text message confirming the transaction.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay later is a new concept in financing. Instead of paying upfront for something, you can pay it back over time.