Andrew Frame’s Career Achievements as An Entrepreneur and Engineer

Andrew Frame is an American entrepreneur popularly known for his senior position at Citizen, a safety tech company, as CEO and founder. Mr. Frame established Citizen in 2016 but later relaunched and renamed it in 2017 after numerous public demands and expectations. Mr. Frame designed the Citizen app to use 911 location intelligence information to keep people and their loved ones safe.

Andrew Frame is an expert in software programming and an agile entrepreneur who can create new opportunities through innovation. Mr. Frame established his own company, an internet service provider, for just 15 years. Later on, in 2004, he founded another consumer telecommunications company before venturing into employment.

Over the years, Mr. Frame’s career has revolved around network infrastructure such as Cisco Systems. In 1997, He joined Cisco Systems, where he undertook several senior roles, such as working as a support engineer, before joining the Global Center of Expertise team (GCOE). With a focus on architecture, Mr. Frame received a top technical certification a dual CCIE certification during his first year working at Cisco Systems.

Currently, Andrew Frame resides in Los Angeles and New York after leaving his hometown city in Las Vegas. According to Andrew Frame, his ideology in creating Citizen came from his desire to keep people safe globally with his mission-oriented technology. Before COVID-19 emerged, Citizen operated from its official headquarters in New York; however, the company later shifted to remote while still maintaining its working EST hours.

According to Mr. Frame, working with a brilliant and mission-oriented team is one of his core entrepreneurial values. Mr. Frame stated that Citizen’s successful safety app company came about by hiring a competent, skillful, and thoughtful team. Apart from being a successful leader and entrepreneur, Andrew Frame also manages to have a work-life balance. He enjoys ballroom dancing, cooking homemade meals, and reading poetry and literature. Refer to this article for related information.


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