Alejandro Betancourt is Advocating for Referral Marketing at Hawkers

Referral marketing does not seem to capture the imagination of a proactive company that wants to be known across the industry within the shortest time possible. It is a passive marketing technique that only seems to fit the needs of established organizations that are not interested in building their presence in the market. These organizations are already established, and they are already known by every other individual in the industry.

However, at Hawkers, Alejandro Betancourt seems to be one of the few organizational owners who have been supporting referral marketing in his business. There is no doubt that Alejandro Betancourt is an organizational leader who has been very proactive in his approaches in the market. He has always supported vibrant operational strategies. However, he feels that Hawkers will be benefiting by incorporating referral marketing in its marketing strategies that it is currently using to penetrate the market.

Referral marketing is a welcome marketing approach in this organization because it is very cheap, especially when compared to other marketing strategies. Alejandro Betancourt has been on a strategic plan that involves cutting the cost of marketing in the organization. Therefore, any approach that will help in reducing the costs that the company has been using in creating awareness in the market will be a welcome bonus. In this case, referral marketing does not require any form of investment, which means that it will be saving the company huge amounts of money.

Besides, referral marketing seems to create huge trust and reputation about the organization in the market. All the organizations want to have an unmatched reputation. They want to be trusted by the customers who have been buying their products. Alejandro Betancourt believes that referral marketing is one of the most reliable strategies for building trust and an organization’s reputation in the challenging business environment.