Alejandro Betancourt Helps Hawker Craft a Successful Marketing Strategy

The Hawkers were founded by a group of friends with a capital of a few hundred euros. This company deals with the distribution of sunglasses. The purpose of the start-up was to assist the group in obtaining funding to help them launch a more advanced vision centered on technology. But within a few years after it was started, Hawker became successful, and they turned it from being just their side hustle to becoming their main business. In 2016, this company had already sold products worth €60 million, with most sales coming directly from social media platforms. The success of this company was only possible with the help of investors like Alejandro Betancourt.

The firm set a record and became an inspiration to some of the upcoming small businesses by overcoming all of the obstacles in their path. The origin of these firms started when entrepreneurs from Spain, a group of four entrepreneurs, wanted to have funds that would help them launch their Craigslist. Craigslist is a hub for the community, which can help people access any number of different resources. But their efforts failed due to a lack of capital, leaving them with no other option but to search for ways to raise the funds. They purchased a few sunglasses from stores in California and the results were good. Being known for his success, Alejandro Betancourt skills were highly required to help boost Hawkers’ sales.

Alejandro Betancourt helped Hawker craft a successful marketing strategy for the firm. Even during the challenging moments at the firm, Alejandro Betancourt kept encouraging the staff to always keep working hard and, when they fall, to always get up, dust themselves off, and keep trying. Since he became part of the company, it has been selling millions of sunglasses pairs, and has opened stores in different places worldwide. It also drew the attention of customers from over 50 countries.

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