After Years of Successfully Leading, Alex A Molinaroli Strives to Help Others Gain the Same Success

Alex A Molinaroli helped establish and build Johnson Controls. He retired as its CEO and Chairman in 2017. During his 34 years of working for the company, he learned to lead and help those under his leadership grow. Molinaroli improved his leadership skills through books and memories of his father. In retirement, he takes time to mentor others and share what he has learned in business.

Communication, notice good in others and be yourself are a few tips Molinaroli advises others in leadership positions. He learned the value of listening from observing his father as a child. Alex A Molinaroli feels working well with others helps create good leaders. He believes leaders learn from those they work with and vice versa. Lessons should be learned from mistakes to limit or avoid future errors.

During Alex A Molinaroli’s career, he traveled regularly by plane. He spent time reading during these flights. Two of Molinaroli’s favorite books were “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and “Principle-Centered Leadership” by Stephen Covey. The book “The Goal” advises businesses to eliminate limitations to help operations. Stephen Covey’s book “Principle-Centered Leadership” encourages good organizational skills, living a balanced life and finding good in others.

Alex A Molinaroli has worked to help a variety of people in business. He makes special efforts to improve the experiences of women and young future business heads. Molinaroli invests in businesses owned by women with finances and making his contacts available to them. He recognizes the difficulties they experience because of their gender and uses his experiences to help them through those challenges.

Helping to encourage and share his business experience through mentoring young people has been another priority for Molinaroli. He has promoted the need for more services to help children with learning disabilities, also.

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