Krishen Iyer, Founder &CEO of MAIS Consulting

In addition to his many other accomplishments, Krishen Iyer has a diverse background in the insurance industry. He has worked with many different organizations within the health insurance industry and has founded two companies. One, MAIS Consulting Firm, delivers specialized online marketing and advertising solutions for the insurance industry.    The other, Mainsure Benefits Services, has been in business for […]

Thomas Neyhart: Power Your Home with Posigen

Posigen is a solar energy company led by Thomas Neyhart. The company uses solar energy to generate electric power integral in saving many lives and saving on cost. Since the establishment of the solar energy company, it has managed to grow, having over 18,000 clients and still enrolling more.    Several advantages come with getting products and services from Posigen: […]

How Kfir Gavrieli Helped Healthcare Workers In Los Angeles

In 2020, the global community started to experience the worst pandemic. A viral disease spread like wildfire, claiming many lives and leaving millions without a source of income. Business, both small and big, couldn’t handle the pandemic. Some allowed their workers to work and remain productive at the comfort of their homes while others resorted to firing their workers. Kfir […]

How Haroldo Jacobovicz Became a Successful Entrepreneur: A Comprehensive Recap

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a Brazilian entrepreneur who has become successful through his hard work and dedication. He is the founder of Instituto Haroldo Jacobovicz, CEO world, Aberje, and Site Oficial. This article will recap some of his most notable accomplishments and provide links to additional information for those who want to learn more. Haroldo Jacobovicz is an inspiration to entrepreneurs […]

The Sustainable Art of Mirabaud

Mirabaud is a Swiss private bank that stands out for having redefined its business model to impact its customers, the world, and itself positively. It is now known as one of the most sustainable banks in the world. The company strategy on sustainability is based on three pillars: art, culture, and entrepreneurship. A company cannot be sustainable if it does […]

IM Academy

IM Academy is a forex training school that offers courses in the field of Forex Trading and also provides services such as mentoring, coaching, and analysis to help traders improve their skills. IM Academy is a forex training company that teaches individuals how to trade the currency markets. It offers its customers various resources, including educational materials, mentorship programs, and […]